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About us

John (aka "Smarty Plants") is a plant nut and a garden guru. He is widely respected in the plant industry in NZ and has done many workshops at Garden Marlborough. He started out as a teacher, did a stint landscaping and then has worked within the garden industry for over 30 years. During the 90's he was the Manager at Trents Perennials in Christchurch before moving to Nelson in 1999. Later he worked at Waimea Nurseries with a focus on growing their Garden Centre business and gained a huge interest and knowledge on fruit trees, citrus and ornamentals in the process. He then had many years as the Manager of Thirkettles Nursery where he increased his plant knowledge working with Rhododendrons, Camellias, Citrus, Natives and an amazing range of other plants. He should write a book!!

Jenny (aka "Fancy Plants") is a plant nut too although for many years it has been in her out of work time. Some of you may remember her when she was at Casually Cottage Specialist Perennials some 25 years ago. Gardening has long been her passion and with John, they have created extensive gardens which keeps them very occupied and happy.

So when you have two plant nuts, you have a wealth of gardening knowledge and we both feel it is something we are happy to share. There are so many great garden plants and we are increasing our range all the time. Our particular focus is to seek out those plants that are proven garden performers. Many have been forgotten but we feel are worthy of a place in the garden. We also marvel at the beauty of hydrangeas and there are so many very special ones available but not widely known.

The nursery, in Wakefield, Nelson is open by appointment. Please contact us at:

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